Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OLD MAN PIZZA AND WINGS - 223 Jameson Avenue - (416) 588-7555

Mmmmmm.....I don't know about you folks but nothing makes me crave the gooey goodness of late-night pizza than the implied image of gooey late-in-life skin of old man hands making my pizza!  This being the first post of my blog, I thought I would begin with the one restaurant that Jessica and I always seem to mention as we drive by.  Old Man Pizza and Wings! 

We ordered the seemingly obvious house specialty.  A large pizza with onions, mushrooms, and Italian sausage and a small batch of honey garlic wings.  And we got it to go (our place is around the corner...score!)

Ok, so as pizza goes, there is nothing particularly wrong with Old Man Pizza.  It's a very Toronto-esque street-pizza.  Bready, a bit chewy, slightly overcooked cheese, an almost absent Tomato sauce, and a decent amount of toppings.  I think the whole batch of food came to under twenty bucks - so the price is definitely right considering the large pizza itself was actually pretty large (has anyone else noticed that Pizza Pizza's "large" pizza is basically the size of a medium pizza from like 15 years ago or am I just going nuts?)

I thought the wings were pretty good but Jess didn't really care for them.  We both liked the honey-garlic sauce but Jess maintains that chicken wings should have a certain amount of crispiness to them (on a crispiness scale from 1 to 10, these were basically a 2).  I disagree.  Wings for me should just be meaty and really really full of flavour and these were, well, pretty full of flavour, kinda, I guess.

 Ok I think I'm getting too cerebral about this one.  This is the problem with telling yourself to form an opinion on something.  Sometimes you're desire to have an opinion changes what you actually think.  I've been kinda down on this place since we ate but really, the pizza is fine.  It's perfect late night fare!  Been out at Mezrows getting hammered?  Stumbled out of the joint to the silent and judgmental gazes of the Parts & Labour patrons?  Just vomited on one of those patrons and now you're feeling hungry?  Old Man Pizza & Wings will satisfy you perfectly!  However if you're in the mood for a pizza that doesn't require you to be drunk and your taste buds numbed by tequila shots to enjoy, well, you might want to see what else is out there.  Hmmm, maybe Amico's Pizza down the street?  I wonder how that compares....


  1. Congrats on the new blog. Looking forward to joining you at one or more Parkdale restaurant outings!

  2. Have you tried CiCi's Pizza?? It's our fave.